The purpose of our investigations is always truth finding, the outcome of an investigation can never be held beforehand. This is not only our own conviction, this objective stems directly from the applicable laws and regulations with regard to the conduct of private investigations.
We therefore work objectively and independently at all times.

We only accept those assignments where there is a so-called justified interest of the client. This will be determined during the intake interview, when we believe that there is no justified interest, we do not accept the assignment.

After the justified interest has been established, a tender and plan of action shall be made. Only after you, 'the client' sign, we start.

Our substantively strong and accurate investigative reports can be used in court in support of the evidence during civil and criminal proceedings.
Ask your lawyer about this.

We operate both nationally and internationally and have extensive knowledge of and experience with the Arab culture, this can be a plus for certain investigations.

A good cooperation and the exchange of expertise with colleagues within the industry is greatly important. After all, you as a client are at the forefront and we are happy to take that extra step to carry out your assignment as knowledgeable and efficiently as possible. In consultation, we can also collaborate with parties from your own network.

We deal very discreetly with your problem, none of what comes to mind is brought out. Certain matters have to be hermetically sealed and should stay under the radar, that we understand
like no other.

‘Discretion is the perfection of reason, and a guide to us in all the duties of life’
~ Sir Walter Scott~