It is our primary mission to make this world safer and more livable, to let our light shine in the darkness.
We do this by aiding and protecting those facing cross-border issues and needing support to stop them.

We are convinced that, in an increasingly hostile living environment, our mission is vitally important. Dishonesty, deception, fraud, abuse of power, criminality and other ill-intentioned, dark practices seem to be gaining the upper hand. As a result, many victims, who often suffer in silence, feel powerless and frustrated every day because they are not or not sufficiently helped and protected by the competent authorities. We are committed to these people because we believe that everyone deserves to be truly seen and receive the help, assistance and protection they need.

When you recognize yourself in the above, if you are also one of those people, please contact us so we can discuss together how we can best help you. Also when our mission appeals to you, want to contribute to this and/or are looking for a partnership, you are very welcome to approach us. You can reach us at telephone number: (0031) 6 39893068, via info@recherchebureauhermes.nl or by using our contact form.