One of the biggest cyber threats today is phishing. It sounds relatively harmless, but it is by no means. A successful phishing attack can have disastrous consequences. In this blog, we explain this form of cybercrime and give advice on
how to arm yourself and/or your company against this.


Hermes Recherche is a licensed, professional, reliable and discreet investigation agency that doesn't
recoil for complex matters. 
We are alert and tenacious, nothing gets past our sharp eye and we only let go of the assignment when it has been completed.
Intuition, morality and life experience are the key elements of the the inner compass on which we sail.
Hermes Recherche leaves no stone unturned within the applicable legal frameworks.

Our service rests on two pillars; the business segment and the private market. Besides that
we also conduct research for the (semi) government and the legal profession. 
We specialize in conducting online research ; Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is our expertise. 
You can contact us for, amongst other things tracking down of persons, cybercrime-cyberstalking investigations plus the screening of individuals and companies. 
Besides that we offer a Digital Footprintcheck this is a short investigation regarding your digital footprint.
We investigate your digital footprint and advice you on how to be better protected online. 

Self-evidently, we have the right and relevant diploma's to carry out this profession. In addition, we have the obligatory permit from the Ministry of Security and Justice and have been notified at the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Furthermore, we possess the mandatory private investigator ID issued by the Chief Police of The National Police Department.

We operate within and outside the country borders, national and international.

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